Meeting and Training School

Dear colleague

The Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that the PARQ consortium will organize a meeting and training school from Monday the 15th of May until Thursday the 18th of May 2023 at the beautiful Palazzo Feltrinelli, Via Castello 4 – Gargnano (Brescia) on the shore of Lago di Garda, Italy.

The meeting will be hosted by Giuseppe Ristagno, University of Milan, and Italian Resuscitation Council. In the mornings of the 16th-18th of May, meetings of the Consortium, the Work Groups, and the Management Committee will be held, in parallel to a 3-day training school for junior scientists. In the afternoons, scientific presentations will be given (the final program will be announced soon). The preliminary program can be found below, and when you register, you have the option to also propose a presentation that you want to give during the afternoon program. For this please provide a short abstract of 250-300 words. Proposals that are submitted no later than April 14th 2023 will be judged by the Organizing Committee for possible inclusion in the final program.

The preliminary program and the venue and registration details can be found below. Be aware that if you applied for the training school and are accepted, we will send you confirmation and a separate registration form in the coming week.

We look forward to welcoming you at the lovely Lago di Garda!

Kind regards,

On behalf of the PARQ consortium,

The Organizing Committee: Hanno Tan, Giuseppe Ristagno, Bernd Böttiger, Jacob Tfelt-Hansen, Martin Jonsson, Enrico Baldi

Monday May 15th 2023


Scientific program (13:30-18:00)

19:00                Welcome dinner for all participants


Tuesday May 16th 2023


Morning program (9-12:30)

(PARQ Management committee meeting & PARQ Core group meeting and training school Day 1)


Lunch 12:30-13:30


Scientific program (13:30-18:00)


Dinner 19:00-


Wednesday May 17th 2023


Morning program (9-12:30)

(PARQ WG Meetings, hands-on sessions and training school Day 2)


Lunch 12:30-13:30


Scientific program (13:30-18:00)


Dinner 19:00-


Thursday May 18th 2023


Morning program (9-12:30)

(PARQ WG Meetings, hands-on sessions and training school Day 3)


12:30-13:00 Final summary of the meeting and closure



Ellinor Berglund– Volunteer responders in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Martin Jonsson– Strategic AED placement. A cluster randomized trial.

Dominic Zimmerman– Genetic basis of sudden cardiac arrest

Hans van Schuppen– Creation of a dashboard of care for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Fredrik Folke– Volunteer Responder Programmes, AED Drone delivery, CPR feedback 

Jacob Tfelt-Hansen– Novel ESC VA SCD GL

Carina Jønck– ESCAPE-NET database

Giuseppe Ristagno– CardioPulmonary resuscitation with Argon

Giulia Merigo– Feat – CPAr trial

Federico Semeraro– Factors associated with the arrival of smartphone-activated first responders

Andrea Scapigliati – How to implement a system saving life from a legislative point of view: a national experience

Diana Cimpoesu– Cardiac Arrest Registries between opportunities and difficulties

Paul Nedelea– First responders in Romania and around Europe or How to start an E- CPR program

Bernd Böttiger– KIDS SAVE LIVES

Enrico Baldi– Evaluation of the prevalence of rare hereditary heart disease in OHCA patients: the GenetiCA study

Simone Savastano– Percutaneous stellate ganglion block in patients with ventricular electrical storm, insights from STAR Study

Francesca Romana Gentile– The role of post-ROSC electrocardiogram after an OHCA: from the PEACE Study to the future

Veronica Dusi– Cardiac sympathetic denervation for the prevention of recurrent malignant arrhythmia

Andrea Saglietto– Machine learning based prediction of patients at risk for sudden death from the ECG: the call for a multicenter ECG library


Additionally, three hands-on sessions will be organized:


  • echography during cardiac arrest
  • extracorporeal life support
  • percutaneous stellate ganglion block
  • ventilation stategies during CPR



Meeting Venue:

Palazzo Feltrinelli, Via Castello 4 – Gargnano (Brescia), Italy

With on the Second floor 11 single rooms, 6 double rooms and 1 triple room (some rooms have a shared bathroom on the same floor)- costs €24,97 per night including breakfast

Casa Bertolini, Piazza Feltrinelli 4 – Gargnano (Brescia), Italy

Very close to Palazzo Feltrinelli, at barely 200 meters distance, this building overlooking the port square in Gargnano is used as accommodation for guests when Palazzo Feltrinelli is fully booked. Casa Bertolini can host up to 13 guests. )- costs €24,97 per night including breakfast

First floor- 2 double rooms

Second floor- 2 single rooms, 1 double room

Third floor- 2 single rooms, 1 double room

All rooms come with an en-suite bathroom. Rooms on the third floors are air-conditioned.

Please indicate on the registration form whether you want to make use of a room. Rooms on the venue are on a first come, first served basis.

When these rooms are full, possible alternatives close by are the following hotels:

Albergo Gargnano +39036571312 

Hotel Garnì Riviera 

Hotel Bartabel 

Hotel Villa Europa


The airport of Milano Malpensa, the largest in the Milan area, has two terminals that offer many intercontinental connections, on top of numerous domestic and international routes. The airport is well connected with the Lombard capital: the journey by car takes about an hour along the A8 motorway (Milano-Laghi, Varese direction, Busto Arsizio-Malpensa junction). Moreover, the Malpensa Express rail link connects the international hub with the town.

The Milano Linate airport, named after Enrico Forlanini, is a first-rate city airport. Urban bus line no. 73 (Via Gonzaga/Duomo, underground lines M1, M3) connects the airport of Milan Linate to the city of Milan. Moreover, private shuttle buses connect the airport to the city’s Central Railway Station (Stazione Centrale), the exhibition centres of Fiera Milano City and Rho, and Malpensa.

The International Airport of Orio al Serio is the third airport of Milan. Located close to Bergamo, it is well connected with the centre of Milan, which is about an hour away. Moreover, buses run every 10 minutes connecting the Orio al Serio airport to the Central Station of Bergamo, and vice versa.





Or use the malpensa express train (recommended):


For those interested, we might arrange a shuttle service from a pick-up point in Milano or Bergamo to the venue leaving twice on May 15th to the venue, and twice from the venue back to Milano on the 18th.

Gargnano can be easily reached by bus from Brescia , line 202-1 (travel duration 1hr 20 min) –

Please indicate on the registration form whether you would want to make use of a shuttle bus.


Registration fee:


The registration fee is €150 and includes dinner on the 15th of May and lunch and dinner on the 16th and 17th of May and access to the meeting.

We have a certain number of places (up to ~60) for which we can award a reimbursement within COST according to the rules and regulations outlined below. The Daily allowance (DA) is set at €125 euro and the travel allowance at €250.

  • The reimbursement of incurred expenses for accommodation, meals, and short distance travel (defined as less or equal to 100 km one way) is paid as one lump-sum amount known as daily allowance. No invoices for accommodation, meals, and short distance travel are therefore required.

In order to see their claim being reimbursed participants to an Action event shall:

  • Have an e-COST profile at including bank details;
  • Be eligible to receive financial support (as will be determined upon registration by the PARQ Grant holder manager, in line with the e-COST rules);
  • Have received an e-COST invitation to the meeting / training school and have accepted it within 2 weeks from receiving it;
  • Sign the attendance list on each day they attend the Action event;
  • Submit via e-COST a completed Online Travel Reimbursement Request (OTRR) as soon as possible and not later than 15 calendar days after the end date of the Action event;
  • Upload legible copies of all invoices/receipts and relevant supporting documents onto e-COST
  • Choose the most economical means of transportation;
  • Not receive double funding, as it is not permitted. Therefore, the participants shall declare via e-COST when submitting their Online Travel Reimbursement Request (OTRR) that they will not receive a reimbursement or any allowance from a third party to support their attendance at the approved COST activity for which they are submitting a claim. In case a participant is partially funded by another source of funding, this amount shall be deducted from the participant’s claim.
  • The actual number of days of attendance to the approved activity (as confirmed against participant’s signature on the official attendance list for each day of the event that they attend);
  • The participant may arrive on the day before the activity commences and/or leave one day after the activity finishes. The DA is then calculated accordingly; The participant’s travel start- and end dates and hours;
  • The participant shall provide other supporting documents (e.g. accommodation or meal invoices) attesting their travel dates so that the daily allowance can be correctly calculated, only in the cases when: (i) the participant travels by car, (ii) cannot provide proof of the travelling date and hours or (iii) does not submit long distance travel reimbursement request.